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The journal will focus on a broad range of topics related to education and research in tourism/hospitality. The journal organizers invite papers, abstracts and presentation proposals relevant to tourism, hospitality management. Considering the theme of the conference, Paper with any of the following or related subjects would be appropriate for submission:

Any kind of issues in tourism/hospitality/food service/convention/events.
- Studies and case studies on tourism/hospitality development/management/administration.
- Studies related to marketing and promotion of tourism/hospitality.
- Studies related to tourism/hospitality forecasting and economic aspects of industry.
- Studies on social, cultural, economic and environmental impact of tourism/hospitality.
- Tourism/hospitality and environmental sustainability.
- Human resources development and educational issues in industry.
- Financial models or econometrics of tourism/hospitality.
- Operation of tourism and hospitality businesses at both macro and micro levels.
- The gaming and casino industry.
- The festival and event industry
- Community tourism development and rural/farm tourism.
- Post-modern tourism/hospitality and contemporary issues in tourism/hospitality.
- IT and Internet aspects of tourism/hospitality.
- Culture and heritage
-Environmental, social or economic impacts of (or on) the travel and tourism industry
-Tourism & technology
- Cross-cultural studies in tourism/hospitality.
- Emerging issues in education and training.
- Innovation in Tourism
- Historic and geographic tourism evolution
- Entrepreneurism, marketing and tourism businesses
- Tourist itineraries management
- Planning, sustainability and impacts of tourism
- Preservation in nature
- Human practices of material culture preservation
- Preserving the intangible
-Tourism & community development
- Aesthetics, ethics, prescriptions, politics and theory of preservation, conservation, and restoration of material culture.
-Tourism & community development
- Meaningful objects and the museum
-Emerging tourism research
- Heritage and governance for development
-Tourism policy, planning & development
- Heritage and education Policies
-Research based case studies
- Heritage and culture
-Nature-based, cultural, volunteer or other tourism niches
- Heritage and economics
-International issues & trends
- Heritage and environment
-Unique & common tourism research methods, approaches or uses
- Action research
-Heritage and society
-Tourism & community development
-Internet/new media as a research tool
-Tourism & technology
-Interdisciplinary research approaches

- Other papers related to the theme of tourism.

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