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Tourism is one of the fastest growing aspects of world industry. The planning and development on tourism is booming around the world and a number of countries have embarked on vigorous tourism development programs to bolster the perceived economic benefits of tourism. The areas include implementation of range of tourism strategies, setting up national and local governmental associations. Business opportunities in tourism are unlimited with many areas for expansion. Our association try to the development of managerial implication on the basis of considerable findings of tourism studies. Tourism industry is not like those of the other industries. Good management of tourism is central to the mission of management. Regardless of orientation and professional discipline, tourism touches us all directly.

Tourism leaders, professionals, academics and students from around the world will be joining together to present and exchange understanding and experiences which both reflect the evolving landscape of tourism and how it is affecting and shaping world tourism in general.
We World Tourism Association are confident that our organization will be even more stimulating, challenging and informative about current and emerging trends in Tourism.

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